What to Expect Your First Year

Brigham Young University offers many resources to help students adjust to their first year here. The Office of First-Year Experience offers orientation, mentoring, and can answer many questions.

Planning Your Classes

In the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology we strongly advise that you pursue your math courses your first year, continuing from your current  level.  If you defer your enrollment we offer a math refresher course that can help you get back up to speed when you return. 

We also suggest getting involved in an engineering or technology seminar class. They are offered in each of the programs, with the exception of Industrial  Design. The seminars provide useful information and opportunities to explore your interests in an engineering or technology degree. 

In these classes you will:

  • Learn from guest speakers.

  • Start working immediately with a faculty member.

  • Receive advice on what technical electives you will want to take.

  • Prepare for admittance into Limited Enrollment Programs (for specified majors).

These classes help you get started on the right track and prepare for the future.