Choosing A Major



It is a big decision to decide what to major in. The college's advisement center is the place to help you along that path.



  • One of the first things that we ask is that you take a look at the different MAPS for the majors that you are interested in. 
  • Look at the type of classes you take and the course descriptions. 
  • Mark the classes that are interesting to you.
  • Then look at the overlap of math, chemistry, physics and other classes that may be the same in the majors you are considering. 
  • Browse through the websites of the majors you have chosen. 
  • Look at the information they provide.

Then come talk to us and we can help you choose a schedule that you will help you make progress and explore at the same time.

Engineering Advisement Center
246 Engineering Building (246 EB)
(801) 422-4325