What Classes Should I Take in High School?

The curriculum for engineering and technology assumes students will come to BYU ready to begin first semester calculus. This means you have had first and second year high school algebra and trig, although many students come having had high school calculus and some with college credit from Advanced Placement.


  • If you take the calculus AB test and score a 5 we recommend moving forward to Math 113. That is only if you are comfortable with placement in 2nd semester calculus. If you have received a 5 on the BC test we suggest you stay with Math 113 (second semester calculus).
  • If your high school offers a drafting course or a computer aided design course and you can work it into your schedule this is good experience to bring with you to college.
  • We also suggest taking at least one science class such as chemistry or physics.
  • Students thinking of the Chemical Engineering major should give priority to chemistry while in high school. 
  • Sudents thinking about Civil, Electrical, or Mechanical Engineering, then a physics class would be good preparation.