Alumni Newsletter

Volume 10

December 2017

    Educated for Good

In 2011, a team of students worked with to create a human-powered water well drill, a BYU Capstone project with the potential to improve thousands of lives. Today, more than a million people will have access to clean water because of the Village Drill. Whether providing clean water for many, or making a difference for just a single individual, engineering can have a profound impact on the world around us. Watch the video


    Combating Concussions


A team of BYU researchers have developed a nano composite smartfoam that, when placed inside helmets and pads, can measure the impact of football collisions. The foam can provide coaches with real time information about impacts, allowing them to sideline and protect players that have sustained concussive hits. Learn more


    Recon Mission in Mexico


BYU civil engineering professor Kevin Franke led an NSF-funded reconnaissance mission to earthquake-ravaged Mexico City. From imaging captured with drones, the team will create 3D computer models of the destruction, allowing them to determine why certain buildings collapsed and how such destruction can be prevented. Learn more


    Learning from Lectures


With topics ranging from a billion-dollar Disney project to developing aerospace technology, students have enjoyed hearing from accomplished BYU alumni this semester. Nancy Patton-Ferrell (BS ’80) shared insight on how to work as a team on massive projects while Tom Ingersoll (BS ’85, MEM ’86) urged students to learn their craft.


    Alumni Profiles


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