Big Announcement & Thank You




Fundraising complete!


BYU President Kevin J Worthen has announced that the $80 million needed to reach the fundraising goal for the new engineering building is officially in the bank! We truly have much to be grateful for this holiday season, thanks to many generous friends and alumni like you.   


5 things to know about the new engineering building


Preserving Life


“In the Uros, children couldn’t grow because they had parasites,” said resident Dora Jallahui Vilca. On the floating reed islands of Lake Titicaca in Peru, clean drinking water is a luxury few possess. See how a longlasting relationship between BYU engineers and the Uros people has changed lives over the last seven years.


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Engineering the Future


Civil engineer Douglas Sereno, dir. of program mgmt. for the Port of Long Beach, was named the college's 2015 honored alumnus. He delivered a lecture in which he advised students to be a new kind of engineer: one that can “engineer a sustainable future.”


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Innovator Crowned


Judges chose 3D Dental Printers as the 2015 Student Innovator of the Year and grand prize recipient of $6,000. Check out this year's crop of most innovative ideas. 


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Just Add Water

BYU chemical engineers have devised a system to speed up the process of making life-saving vaccines for new viruses by putting the vaccines in a freeze-dried state.  If a new virus hits, labs can simply add water to a “kit” to rapidly produce vaccines.

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The Holo-Fame


Taking cues from Star Wars and Star Trek, Daniel Smalley, professor of electrical engineering, has emerged as a leading researcher in the elusive goal of developing high-quality holographic video.

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