Creating a Place Where Dreams Become Reality


A Place to Dream


The new engineering building at BYU is not just a building. It’s a promise to those who dream of doing something to make the world better, that there will be a place to help those dreams come true. With your help and participation in the million-dollar Fulton Match, we can make this place of innovation and learning a reality. > Watch Video


Inspiring Innovation


The fifth annual Student Innovator of the Year competition featured more than 40 student teams competing for up to $12,000 in prizes. Check out the winning inventions and get a glimpse of the next big ideas coming out of BYU. 

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Need for Speed


BYU’s Electric Blue streamliner vehicle broke the 200 mph barrier to set a new land speed record. This new mark obliterates the previous record, 155.8 mph, which was also set by the BYU electric streamliner in 2011.

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Twofold Purpose


BYU industrial design faculty and students are using origami techniques to transform and strengthen materials into functional everyday items. The group was featured at London's Clerkenwell Design week, as well as in Icon magazine.


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Chipping In


This past summer, the Ira A. Fulton College hosted its first Chip Camp, a camp that teaches seventh and eighth graders about the exciting world of engineering and technology.

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Dear Alumni...


What do you wish you had known as a student that would have better prepared you for your first job?  Assistant Dean Jim Trent invites you, our alumni, to give current students advice on that question through the college's LinkedIn group. 

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