The Final Frontier


The Final Frontier

BYU engineers have teamed up with a world-renowned origami expert to solve one of space exploration's greatest (and most ironic) problems: lack of space. A partnership with NASA could send origami to the final frontier.

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Game Changer


Combining nanotechnology with foam, Jake Merrell has created a smart-foam that can be placed inside a football helmet to measure the impact of each hit. Merrell’s working prototype recently won third place and $2,000 at our Student Innovator of the Year competition.

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Dynamic Legacy


Dr. Hank Christiansen is retiring after nearly 50 years of teaching engineering fundamentals.  Did you ever take a class from him?  Share your comments and lessons learned at the link below.

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Virtual Visit


Been a while since you've been on campus? Information Technology students have collaborated with other disciplines to create a BYU virtual tour for you.


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2013 Honored Alumnus


BYU graduate David Harris was nominated by Pres. Barack Obama in 2010 to be a brigadier general in the U.S. Air Force.  He delivered an engaging honored alumnus lecture entitled "Performance & Control."

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Detecting Breast Cancer


A joint BYU-Utah research team is developing a new breast cancer screening technique that has the potential to reduce false positives, and possibly, minimize the need for invasive biopsies.

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