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Julie Pike

Civil Engineering, Class of 2011
Volkert Inc.

"Separate school from home life."

Julie Pike currently works with hydraulics and hydrology, skills she honed on the Water Resources study abroad to Latin America. Before receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from BYU, she also completed several internships. Pike currently specializes in roadway and bridge design hydrology.

Pike addressed the issue of student stress.

“Balancing your life is something that you will constantly have to work on,” Pike said. “Sometimes in engineering the workload can be quite a bit… don’t let stress interfere with your social or home life, and make sure not to neglect your work.”

Pike comes from a family of seven, and she is the third to study civil engineering at BYU. She enjoys cooking, reading and being outside.

“I found that life was much better when I separated out my school from home life. I would go to campus in the morning, go to classes, work on homework and go to work all day. I would plan to stay on campus until my work was completed and then I would go home and enjoy myself and not worry about school until the next day, when I would go back again.”