Balloon popping in splash lab

Bursting bubbles in the name of science

July 16, 2014

Researchers in the BYU Splash Lab are examining the science behind why and how bubbles and balloons pop. With a variety of balloons and bubbles to pop, and with the help of super slow-motion cameras, these researchers have created a remarkable spectacle. 

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Blender-testing setup for Blendtec's "Torture Chamber."

Engineering and technology students create "torture chamber" for Blendtec

July 1, 2014

Engineering and technology students have focused on upgrading the laboratory used by those associated with the popular “Will it blend?” series by Blendtec. This lab, nicknamed “The Torture Chamber”, is where researchers test their blenders by pushing them to their absolute limit.

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BYU supermileage vehicle

Supermileage Reloaded: Lighter, smoother, better MPG...not necessarily faster

June 12, 2014

When you build a car that clocks more than 1,300 miles per gallon, you would think you'd be satisfied with the fuel efficiency.

Not at BYU.  As an encore to achieving that feat last year, a group of engineering students spent the last year building a brand new BYU Supermileage vehicle that’s lighter, smoother and more efficient. Thanks to the improvements, the new car has achieved an all-time best for BYU: 1,716 miles per gallon.

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brent nelson

If God is our father, how does He parent us?

June 11, 2014

Electrical and Computer Engineering Chair Brent Nelson delivered Tuesday's university devotional address.  When he thinks about God as his literal spiritual father, Nelson said he learns some important insights.  He noted how his role as a father helps him better understand God's nature, and how God, as our Heavenly Father, provides individual-specific blessings, guidance and sometimes even challenges. 

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Stool created by WDC

BYU industrial designers' unique creations take London by storm

June 5, 2014

The work of BYU industrial design faculty and students, known as the Wasatch Design Collective, has been featured during London's Clerkenwell Design Week. The WDC creates unique designs out of folded materials to make interesting designs that also have everyday functions. 

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Randy Lewis

Chemical engineering professor's dedicated service earns him position of AIChE Fellow

June 4, 2014

Randy Lewis, a professor of chemical engineering in the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology, has been accepted as a Fellow in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). Lewis, who has been at BYU since 2005, has received this honor for his many years of service in the profession of chemical engineering, as well as his many humanitarian efforts. 

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The BYU Mars Rover

BYU Mars Rover Team wins most innovative design award in international competition

June 2, 2014

The BYU Mars Rover Team won the first ever judges' award for most innovative design at the international University Rover Challenge. BYU's design integrated a minimalist skeletal frame with a novel suspension system that utilized custom Kevlar suspension springs.

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Water on a super-hydrophobic surface

Extreme waterproofing research shows clean energy possibilities

May 22, 2014

BYU mechanical engineering professors Daniel Maynes and Julie Crockett have been studying and developing super-hydrophobic surfaces, or surfaces that are extremely difficult to wet. These water-resistant surfaces have several important potential applications, from advancements in medicine, household sanitation, to cleaner and more efficient energy generation. 

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BYU student takes first prize in national ASCE ethics competition

May 14, 2014

Trevor Jones, a civil engineering student from BYU, won first prize in the American Society of Civil Engineers national ethics competition. The award is focused around a writing competition, and this year's topic was focused on a civil engineer's responsibilities to the public during a natural disaster. Jones won first prize by focusing his paper on the engineer's responsibility to protect human life and by using real-world examples.

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Brian Jensen

BYU’s gene therapy advance makes enormous strides on a microscopic level

May 13, 2014

Newly engineered microscopic technology, developed by a collaborative team of BYU researchers, allows for the introduction of DNA into egg cells with a decreased risk of cell death. With the invention of a microscopic lance, that is 10 times smaller than previous injection delivery systems, these engineers and scientists have reinvented a technology that previously has had no major advances for almost 50 years. 

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