Alan R. Parkinson Named ASME Fellow

  Dr. Alan Parkinson, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University, has been elected to the Fellow Grade of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

The fellow grade recognizes significant engineering achievements and contributions to the engineering profession.

Dr. Parkinson’s areas of interest include design for manufacture and artificial intelligence applied to engineering design. He is a co-author of a commercial optimization software package, called OptdesX, which has been used at many companies and universities in the United States and Europe. He has been a consultant to many companies regarding applying optimization methods to their products. He recently received the Design Automation Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for his work in robust design and design optimization.

His research interests center on methods and software to improve engineering design productivity, with a special emphasis on optimization methods, including optimization algorithms, robust design and large scale optimization.

Dr. Parkinson was appointed Associate Dean of the Fulton College of Engineering and Technology in August 2003. He is the past chair of Mechanical Engineering. He received his PhD from University of Illinois in 1982 and has taught at BYU since then.

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