BYU Develops Unique Welding System

  Brigham Young University (BYU), under the direction of Dr. Tracy Nelson, has been involved in friction stir welding and processing (FSW&P) research since 1998. Initially, FSW research was funded by companies like Lockheed Martin Corp., Boeing, and Alcoa. These initial contracts aided BYU in establishing a research basis that has grown into an international hub for FSW activities.

Over the past seven years, BYU has made significant contributions in FSW&P. Areas of contribution include: Process Development, Microstructural Characterization, Modeling, and Machine design and controls. Presently, there are five faculty, fourteen graduate students, four undergraduate students, and two visiting scholars involved in the FSW activities at BYU. Our faculty and students have published over forty papers in international journals and proceedings, along with over ten patents pending.

Our objectives in the Friction Stir Research Lab (FSRL) at BYU are to: establish a better fundamental understanding of FSW&P, and improve the technology and broaden its application for our industrial and federal sponsors.

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