BYU dominates the western district in the ITE Traffic Bowl

BYU's chapter dominated the competition in the western district during the Institute of Transportation Engineers annual competition, proving their program to be the best in the surrounding states, and sending them to Seattle to compete against eight other engineering colleges.

Each year, the BYU student chapter of the ITE participates in a Jeopardy! style question and answer tournament known as the ITE International Collegiate Traffic Bowl. This competition brings together over 190 students from 62 schools to compete in district competitions, leaving the final nine colleges to compete in the grand championship.

This year the BYU team consisted of three civil engineering students, Greg Sanchez, David Chang and Casey Knecht, who defeated the competition in their district and made it to the finals to compete against eight other major schools for the grand championship. Grant Schultz, associate professor of civil engineering and the ITE student chapter advisor, explained that making it into the finals is an enormous achievement.

“More than anything, the fact that they won the western district is extremely impressive,” Schultz said. “You’re competing against all the California schools, Montana, UNLV, some real strong competition, and it’s great for BYU to show that we’re a real player.”

The collegiate traffic bowl itself was created with the intent of encouraging students to be more active in their ITE chapter, as well as increasing their knowledge and familiarity with the transportation and engineering industry.

“They have the competition to encourage students to get involved,” said Schultz. “And it works, the student participation has increased significantly since they started this competition.”

The ITE is an educational and scientific organization comprised primarily of engineers, transportation planners, consultants, educators and researchers. The club brings these transportation professionals together to oversee international safety and mobility needs. Originally founded in 1930, the organization currently has nearly 17,000 members that are operating in over 90 different countries.

More information about upcoming events and activities for the BYU chapter of the ITE can be found on their website.  

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