BYU Electric Vehicle Racing Team Sets New Record

  Brigham Young University's Electric Vehicle Racing Team set a new quarter mile acceleration record with their modified General Motors EV 1 at the "Power of DC" electric vehicle drag racing event Saturday, June 11, at the Mason Dixon Dragway in Hagerstown, Maryland. 

The team posted a quarter mile elapsed time of 14.08 seconds at 93 miles per hour, having originally set the record for this class (the National Electric Drag Racing Association modified production/class A) in April 2003, a record of 15.9 seconds elapsed time at 77 miles per hour. 

"The team was not sure the car would be ready to race in Maryland," said student team leader Taylor Newill, a sophomore electrical engineering major. "We twisted off a one inch diameter transmission jack shaft in practice three weeks ago at Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City, and we weren't sure we could get a redesigned, stronger jack shaft made in time. We were able to get it made and installed, but testing was limited before we left for Hagerstown. We figured that if we were going to break [the record] again, we'd break it on the track in Maryland."

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