Grant Schultz & Plaque

Civil engineering professor’s dedication to education earns him high honors

August 27, 2014

Grant Schultz, professor of civil engineering, is the recipient of the Institute of Transportation Engineers Wilbur S. Smith Award. This award recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of transportation education. Schultz is partly receiving this award for his method of applying real-world situations to his classroom. 

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2014 Annual University Awards

BYU faculty and staff honored at 2014 Annual University Conference

August 26, 2014

President Kevin J Worthen welcomed BYU faculty and staff members back to campus and presented the annual awards during his Annual University Conference address Tuesday, Aug. 26.  Four employees from the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology were honored.

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Larry Howell with machine design award

BYU professor receives highest societal honors from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers

August 26, 2014

Larry Howell, professor of mechanical engineering, has recently received the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Machine Design Award, one of the highest honors that the society can bestow upon its members. This award reflects Howell's hard work and research in the world of compliant mechanisms, a relatively new type of mechanical engineering that is rapidly working its way into modern technology. 

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Steven Benzley

Steven Benzley tells graduates to sweat the small stuff

August 21, 2014

Dr. Steven Benzley, BYU alumnus and retired professor of civil and environmental engineering in the Ira A. Fulton College, spoke to graduates at the most recent convocation ceremony. His remarks focused on how success in any career comes from consistency in small and simple tasks, and that through small things great things may come to pass. 

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Students participate in Chip Camp

Chip Camp shows the excitement of engineering

August 14, 2014

BYU has just hosted its first ever engineering day-camp for 7th and 8th grade students. Chip Camp, sponsored by the Micron Foundation, is focused on giving young students a fun hands-on experience to demonstrate that science and technology can be both exciting and interesting.

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Dr. Grant Schultz, advisor, with BYU team members Greg Sanchez, David Chang, and Casey Knecht.

BYU dominates the western district in the ITE Traffic Bowl

August 13, 2014

This year the BYU chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers competed against over 190 students from 62 majors schools during the ITE International Collegiate Traffic Bowl. BYU defeated all of the schools in the western district and made it into the grand championship where they competed against eight other regional and district champions.

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BYU Aerial

BYU takes 9th in Money magazine's list of best colleges

July 31, 2014

Money magazine has listed BYU among its top 10 best colleges in the United States, as a part of their effort to redefine college ranking systems. Money’s new ranking system looks at the quality of education students receive for the amount of tuition they are paying, as well as the value of their diplomas upon graduation. Not only did BYU come in 9th place overall, but also took 5th place for the category of most affordable university. 

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Balloon popping in splash lab

Bursting bubbles in the name of science

July 16, 2014

Researchers in the BYU Splash Lab are examining the science behind why and how bubbles and balloons pop. With a variety of balloons and bubbles to pop, and with the help of super slow-motion cameras, these researchers have created a remarkable spectacle. 

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Blender-testing setup for Blendtec's "Torture Chamber."

Engineering and technology students create "torture chamber" for Blendtec

July 1, 2014

Engineering and technology students have focused on upgrading the laboratory used by those associated with the popular “Will it blend?” series by Blendtec. This lab, nicknamed “The Torture Chamber”, is where researchers test their blenders by pushing them to their absolute limit.

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BYU supermileage vehicle

Supermileage Reloaded: Lighter, smoother, better MPG...not necessarily faster

June 12, 2014

When you build a car that clocks more than 1,300 miles per gallon, you would think you'd be satisfied with the fuel efficiency.

Not at BYU.  As an encore to achieving that feat last year, a group of engineering students spent the last year building a brand new BYU Supermileage vehicle that’s lighter, smoother and more efficient. Thanks to the improvements, the new car has achieved an all-time best for BYU: 1,716 miles per gallon.

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