perfume spraying

Scents and Sensitivity: Industrial design research uncovers fragrance preferences

July 20, 2015

BYU industrial design researchers have sniffed out an unspoken rule among women when it comes to fragrances: Women don’t buy perfume for other women, and they certainly don’t share them.  According to the study, published in the journal Food Quality and Preference, women who do buy or share fragrances with other women choose fragrances they don’t like themselves—or no longer value.

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students launch rockets at Chip Camp

BYU’s Chip Camp doubles in size its second year

July 17, 2015

BYU Chip Camp unites 7th and 8th grade budding mathematicians, scientists and engineers to discover the possibilities in STEM education. And after only one year on BYU’s campus, it’s doubled in size. The camp sponsors, Micron Foundation and IMFlash Technologies, in partnership with BYU’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, are dedicated to developing an effective program that promotes STEM education.

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Professor Mark Colton

#BYUdevo: 6 keys to a stronger testimony

July 6, 2015

Professor Mark Colton of the BYU Mechanical Engineering Department delivered the university's devotional address to a packed de Jong Concert Hall on the topic of keeping and strengthening a testimony

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NASA logo

Three BYU mechanical engineers earn prestigious NASA fellowships

June 23, 2015

Three BYU mechanical engineering students have been awarded prestigious NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships for 2015.

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Randy Beard with student

BYU electrical engineers play defense for U.S. government

June 19, 2015

With their high-flying photo and video capabilities, personal hobby drones are more popular than ever.  But how do you ensure that these fun, inexpensive Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) don’t become a threat to national security? That’s the question a team of 28 BYU electrical and computer engineering students worked on for the US Department of Defense's Perseus III project.

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BYU supermileage team 2015

BYU Supermileage vehicle achieves 1,244 MPG, places 2nd

June 18, 2015

The BYU Supermileage vehicle achieved 1,244 miles per gallon and took 2nd place at the SAE international collegiate competition. The team also won the Best Design Execution Award and the Endurance Award for the most attempts with the highest MPG.

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Karsten Busby working at flume

Small dams: Look harmless, can be fatal

June 15, 2015

Researchers in BYU’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering have found that small dams and other low-lying drop-offs have accounted for more than 440 deaths in the United States since the 1950s. With their new low-head dam database, BYU engineers hope to raise public awareness and to educate decision makers so remediation efforts to improve the safety of the dams can move forward.

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The BYU Mars rover in competition

BYU's robotic Mars rover a top finisher at international competition

June 4, 2015

Last week, the BYU Mars rover navigated the alien-like terrain at the Mars Desert Research Station on its way to a 2nd place finish at the University Rover Challenge, hosted by the Mars Society. The feat matched BYU’s highest finish in the competition, the world’s top planetary rover event for college students.

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Campus panoramic at night

This is the start a business

June 3, 2015

Utah continues to get praise as one of the best places to start a business, in part because of the great ideas coming out of BYU. According to a recent Entrepreneur article, in the last five years BYU grads started 60 companies and raised more than $17 million in funding.

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holgram image of college logo

Electrical engineering professor close to affordable moving holography

June 2, 2015

BYU professor of electrical engineering Daniel Smalley and his colleagues are creating technology which will eventually be able to project screen-sized moving holograms for less than the cost of a high-end television set.  Read more about it in The Economist

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