BYU industrial designers' unique creations take London by storm

The work of Brigham Young University industrial design faculty and students was recently featured during the lively Clerkenwell Design Week in London, England.

These BYU designers organized the Wasatch Design Collective in order to facilitate and exhibit the products of their research. What makes the collective unique is their shared interest in folding. The majority of their designs incorporate folding in a manner that is both visually distinctive and functional. The basic concept is that folding material is a transformational process that can create a product with little to no moving parts or wasted materials.

The WDC was recently featured during the distinguished Clerkenwell Design Week, an international showcase of diverse brands and creative installations. Their exploits at Clerkenwell also caught the attention of Icon, a popular publication that focuses on international architecture, design and culture.

“We are pleased to have been accepted into this London show,” said David Morgan, assistant professor of industrial design.  “Clerkenwell Design Week was really successful for us.  We made some helpful connections with other designers and manufacturers. We received considerable attention and encouragement.”

Their designs strive to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. They use an iterative approach, inspired by origami and refined through experimentation, to lead them to a solution that is rooted in the materials properties.

Since the show, these designers have been designing for larger scale manufacturing of their work, as well as thinking of ways that folding can engage and connect with the end user.

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