BYU's ChemE Car wins first place

A team of chemical engineering students from BYU won first place for “an outstanding chemically powered car” at the ChemE Car Competition. Their ChemE Car -- which is about the size of a bulldog -- had the two best runs, beating the other six university teams that competed.

The ChemE Car Competition is organized by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). The challenge for students was to design a car that could carry a small payload 45 feet and stop. The winning car was the one that stopped closest to the “finish line” after successfully carrying the load. The BYU team’s car stopped 8 inches from the target on one run and 1.5 feet on the other, achieving the two best runs of any car in the competition.

Although the BYU ChemE team has performed well at regionals in the past, this was the first year the team won first place.

Students from the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology have produced several unconventional racecars over the years. From the award-winning Hybrid Blue to the supermileage vehicle that gets 1,331 MPG, engineers at BYU are going places.

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