Career Fairs, Interviews & Cocktail Parties: Master the Skills Needed for Success in the Real World!

Just in time for the 2010 Career Fair! Get in shape for the job chase with a workshop from industry professionals. Bring a copy of your resume and dress professionally.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
CB Lounge 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Cost: $4 per person. Tickets available in 270 CB.

This event is sponsored by the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology Dean's Office and Career Placement Center, and hosted by SWE. The first 20 minutes the group is together, then will split and rotate for three workshops. Everyone will come back together for a final session and refreshments.

6:00 – 6:20

 Searching for a Job – The Times Have Changed!

  • Why looking for a job now is different than it has been in the past.  How to adapt to this new environment.

 Speaker:   Dave Anthony, Assistant Dean
 CB Lounge

6:25 – 8:05

30 min each session  with 5 min between to rotate

 Resume – Your Personal Marketing  Tool

  • Resume basics – focusing on the right audience and including the right information
  • Making it through the first 5-second screening
  • Selling your strengths, unique personal contributions and abilities
  • Formatting, presentation, readability
  • A cover letter that works  
  • Resume tips for specific disciplines
  • Strategies to manage on-line job application systems

Bill Ward
Executive Mentor (Marriott School) & Adjunct Professional in CEEn

Lounge CB – 30 min

 Internships & Networking  - Why These  Things are More Vital Than Ever   

  • The key to being hired for a full-time job is a successful internship experience.
  • You and the company are ‘trying each other on’.  Is it a good fit?
  • Why networking is so important
  • How do I go about building a personal network
  • Online Professional and Social Networking – LinkedIn vs. Facebook, etc. 
  • Knowing how to present yourself virtually and utilize on-line tools.

Jay Irvine, Dir. of Placement, Fulton College

 254 CB
– 30 min

 Interview and Career Fair Savvy

  • Basic Do’s and Don’ts
  • First Impressions – What am I saying without saying a word?
  • How to prepare
  • Behavioral interview strategies
  • Most frequent interview mistakes and how to avoid them
  • A two-way conversation - asking the right questions
  • Follow-up and Thank You cards – what will set me apart?

Kristin Adair
MBA Recruiting Coordinator
Marriott School

 256 CB – 30 min

8:10 – 9:00

 Socials, Meals & Casual Conversation – It’s all Part of the Interview  

  • 15-20 min presentation
    • In-Person events - cocktail party environment, dinners, socials, etc...
    • How to make the most of these events, what to talk about, being comfortable in these settings
    • What role does my spouse/significant other play in this process?
  • Refreshments served in a ‘Cocktail Party’ set-up
  • Recruiters and local professionals will be there for students to talk with and practice networking skills

 Speaker:  Bill Brady, Grad. Career Services Coordinator, Marriott School
 Lounge CB – 35 min – Open Ended


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