Cast your vote! BYU grad nominated best toy designer of the year.

For all the kids who said they wanted to be firemen, policemen or doctors when they grew up, they probably didn’t know designing toys was an option. For Tony Morley, however, this is exactly where his industrial design degree led him.  Now this toy and game designer is up for an award, and anyone can help him win by voting for his design online.

To vote for Tony Morley, click here.

Morley graduated with an Industrial Design degree from BYU in 1978. Since then he has spent most of his career with toys, a business that he calls “wonderfully goofy.” After working for several larger companies such as Milton Bradley, he went independent. His current company is called Red Racer Studio.

Morley has been nominated for the Toy & Game Inventor Awards’ (TAGIE) “Excellence in Toy Design.” Public voting ends October 31, and the winner will be announced November 16 at an awards ceremony and dinner in Chicago. 

The toy that earned Morley his nominations is called “Tobbles.” Tobbles is a set of stackable, weighted spheres that kids – or adults – can balance, spin and stack to their heart’s content. Apart from being fun to play with, it also helps small children develop fine motor skill and spatial awareness. Its aesthetically pleasing shape and color allow it to double as a desk ornament.

In March, Morley discussed his journey through the world of toys and games. He said that there were ups and downs. He even joked a little, saying, "Usually I'm almost always unsuccessful, but once in a while it works and keeps us going."

To learn more about Morley and his career as a toy designer, read the Daily Universe’s article from earlier this year here.


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