Chemical engineering professor's dedicated service earns him position of AIChE Fellow

Randy Lewis, a professor of chemical engineering in the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology, has recently been accepted as a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

AIChE is one of the largest and most prestigious organizations of chemical engineers around the world. The organization boasts over 45,000 active members from more than 100 countries. The institution itself was established in 1908, at a time when there were roughly 500 chemical engineers in the country.

The title of “Fellow” in AIChE is the highest level of membership, as well as a tremendous honor. This prestigious rank is given only to a select number of members based on their contributions, accomplishments, professionalism, and necessitates a minimum membership requirement of ten years.

Thomas Fletcher, a professor in the chemical engineering department, explained that noteworthy accomplishments in the world of chemical engineering don’t necessarily only come from triumphs in the lab, but also from service to the profession.

“Dr. Lewis, especially, has contributed lots of service to our profession,” Fletcher said. “He has been on many national AIChE boards, which help sponsor student activities or help put on conferences, and lately he’s been very heavily involved in the accreditation part of AIChE for universities.”

Lewis currently acts as an advisor to the BYU Global Engineering Outreach club, a club focused on humanitarian engineering activities. His work with the GEO club is also in conjunction with a class, in which he brings together engineering and technology teams from a variety of disciplines to work on life-changing projects. Many of these humanitarian projects have been implemented in countries such as Ghana, Peru and Tonga.

Lewis’ research has been heavily focused on sustainable energy, biomaterials and biological interactions with nitric oxide. Lewis is currently the only active BYU faculty member that is a Fellow in AIChE.

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