Civil Engineering prof named fellow of ITE

  Mitsuru Saito, a professor in the Deptartment of Civil Engineering, was recently admitted to the grade of Fellow of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.

To be eligible for transfer to the grade of Fellow from Member, an applicant must:

  • be in the grade of Member for at least five years,
  • attain significant professional stature which may be demonstrated by being a legally registered engineer,
  • have responsible charge of important transportation or traffic engineering work including scientific, educational, and managerial activities for at least five years,
  • demonstrate an active commitment and contribution to the work of ITE or the profession,
  • be recommended by five Fellow members of ITE.

Dr. Saito has a been member of ITE since 1994, is a registered Professional Engineer in New Jersey and Utah, has conducted numerous research studies in the field of transportation engineering and operation, and has published his research findings in 60 technical papers.  Dr. Saito has supervised a number of graduate students, some of whom continued their graduate studies to receive their Ph.D. in the field of transportation. 

In this year’s Annual ASCE Conference held in Kansas City, Mo, Dr. Saito received the 2009 Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award. The award was given by the Transportation and Development Institute of ASCE for his innovative research and teaching in transportation planning and engineering, and for his development of an interactive, practice-oriented transportation laboratory teaching tool (the BYU Transportation Laboratory).

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