Construction Management students network with professionals on the golf course and score job offers

In September, Construction Management students, faculty and industry professionals met at East Bay Golf Course in Provo to play a game of golf, win great prizes and increase their network connections.

The CM faculty and Construction Management Student Association members put a lot of effort into the event. Enough people for 18 teams showed up at the tournament. Each team included four people, three industry professionals and one student.

“I was able to golf with the vice presidents of Jacobsen Construction,” said Christopher Pister, a CM student and CMSA treasurer. “I was very welcome in their circle of conversation and walked away thinking I had golfed well and learned a lot about the reality of commercial construction.”

Playing on a team with industry professionals, students were able to hear firsthand what each professional does in the wide industry of construction management and figure out which jobs they want to pursue.

“After this event, my desire to be involved in a big company with good ethics and a solid history has greatly increased,” said Pister.

Designed as a friendly networking event, both students and professionals were invited to relax, have fun and meet people, rather than stress about job placement. The game became unique at two specific holes, one required players to putt with a two-by-four and the other required teeing from a toilet.

“This wasn’t a recruiting event,” said Justin Weidman, CMSA faculty advisor. “This was a ‘get to know you’ event for students to personally meet construction management professionals and ask questions about their jobs.” Even so, one student walked away from the tournament with a new job offer.

Casey Cloward, owner and operator of Raykon Construction, headed the winning team coming in at 15 under par. Cloward also offered a full-time job starting next summer for one of the students.

Aside from priceless network connections, the tournament prizes included power tools, a drill set, golf clubs and golf accessories.

“In the construction industry, deals and networking happen on the golf course,” said Randall Mildenhall, Construction Management student and member of the CMSA. “It was good practice golfing with industry professionals like we will do in our careers.”

The 15 companies who participated in the event are:

Batten & Shaw

E Builders

Hughes GC

Jacobsen Construction 



MHTN Architects

Patterson Homes

PPG Architectural Coatings

Rasband Development 

Raykon Construction

Silver Leaf SWPPP


Taylor Electric


Wilkinson Electric

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