David Anderson Receives Presidential Appreciation Award

  David Anderson, Laboratory Technician for the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, was recently recognized with a Presidential Appreciation Award. David received the award for selflessly serving the needs of students and faculty over a period of many years at the University.

Anderson's department colleagues have detailed a few of the many accomplishments and personal traits that qualify him for the award. He is single minded in his dedication to the students and faculty at BYU. He has the uncanny ability to accomplish the work of several people, through his untiring service, his superb time and project management skills, and his willingness to perform far beyond the call of duty.

Colleagues note that David's work is always of the highest quality. His performance and creativity in the laboratory are stellar. He contributes to research programs far more than is expected of a typical technician. He is constantly challenged to accomplish tasks that others would consider impossible or impractical, and many would not even attempt, yet David always achieves incredible results. When a task needs to be accomplished, whether large or small, difficult or easy, we can always depend on David.

Regarding his personal traits, faculty colleagues describe how David exudes a positive attitude that influences everyone around him. He seems to bring life to a room when he arrives. He is one of those people who enjoys whatever he is doing and wants others to enjoy it with him. When equipment fails or plans don't work out, David wastes little time feeling sad or blaming others. He is the first to come up with alternative solutions and the means for implementing them. He is motivated and invigorated by a challenging environment and enjoys overcoming problems. Once you give him the objective he will use his own initiative and every resource at his disposal to ensure that the objective is reached. That he should fill this role for one or two faculty would be remarkable, but all 18 faculty members seem to have the same impression. David has a way of organizing his time and student helpers so that the work gets done and this has allowed the Civil and Environmental Engineering department to move forward in unprecedented ways.

Because of his dependability and good nature, David has developed strong positive relationships with students, faculty and staff from across campus. He works with the department student professional society to carry out service projects which may involve anything from building bridges to playgrounds. Because of his enthusiasm for engineering and life, the department has also asked him to conduct their annual balsa wood bridge building contests at dozens of high schools throughout Utah in addition to his regular duties. The students love him and he loves interacting with them and encouraging them to pursue a career in engineering.

David Anderson has clearly shown his commitment and love for the University. On one research study, difficulties required him to remain at the site until 3:00 am the next morning after working hard the entire day. It is not uncommon for him to work on week-ends to help a professor or a student finish a project that is facing a deadline. On another project, conducted in San Francisco, David was required to be out of town during the work week. This went on for nearly six weeks. David made the sacrifice of personal time to ensure that the project was completed.

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