David J. Comer Elected IEEE Fellow

Dr. David J. Comer was recently elevated to the rank of Fellow in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the leading professional society in the electrical engineering field.

Professor Comer is only the second faculty member in the 50-year history of BYUs Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to receive this honor. The Department Chair, Dr. A. Lee Swindlehurst was the first when he was elevated to the Fellow rank last year.

Professor Comer was cited “…for leadership in engineering education and publication of electronic circuit design textbooks.' He has published 12 textbooks that have been used at many universities throughout the US and the world. His first text was published in 1968 and his most recent in 2001. Most of his books have also been published in international editions including one that was published in the Korean language.

In addition to his textbook writing, he was invited to write two sections in the prestigious Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, last published in 2002. Dr. Comer has also published over 70 research articles and has had eight patent applications filed for various inventions on work done at IBM and Intel.

Dr. Comer taught at the University of Idaho , the University of Calgary , and California State University-Chico before coming to BYU in 1981. While at CSU-Chico, Dr. Comer served as Chair of the California State University Dean's Council and as a member of the statewide Engineering Liaison Committee. He was awarded the Professional Achievement Award at CSU-Chico and was named the Outstanding Teacher in the College of Engineering at BYU.

More about the IEEE can be found at www.IEEE.org


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