Gender-balanced cybersecurity team takes first in regional competition

(Bottom, left to right: Hans Farnbach, Kaylee Hill, Jacob Crowther, Trent Bennett, Chandler Newby, and Dale Rowe. Top, left to right: Sarah Cunha, Jon Mercado, Haley Dennis, and Cara Cornel)

On March 11, BYU's Cybersecurity Team took home first place in the Rocky Mountain Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition for the second year in a row. In a male-dominated competition, BYU's team stood out with four females and four males on the team, being the only gender-balanced team nationwide both this year and last year. 

In a Denver Post article about the competition, BYU IT professor and the team's coach, Dale Rowe said that diversity makes a difference.

"There is a huge strength to diversity of thought in these competitions," he said.

Team member and BYU senior Hans Farnbach believes the gender balance helps the team.

"Even if the different perspective that is offered isn't 100 percent implemented in the end, the influence it created in the brainstorming process most likely changed the final solution for the better. This isn't to say that everyone on our team isn't incredibly talented, but the gender diversity gives us an extra leg-up on the competition." 

The team will compete for the national title April 13-15 in San Antonio, Texas. 

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