Honored alumnus encourages students to fill 'leadership tool box'

  Myron Jones, the 2009 Fulton College of Engineering and Technology honored alumnus, addressed an audience of students, family and friends Thursday, Oct. 22 in the JSB Auditorium.

The recently retired president and CEO of NMB Technologies, Jones shared leadership principles learned from his more than 30 years of experience as a top-level executive. In the lecture, entitled "Bones", Jones told students they would need to rely on three "bones" for success: the funny bone, wish bone and back bone.

"I want you to take these principles and put them into your leadership tool box for the future," he said.

You need to have a funny bone, or a good sense of humor, to make sure your company doesn't take itself too seriously, Jones said. Not being afraid to expose personal weaknesses has helped him to relate to employees at all levels of his company.

The 'wish bone' refers to setting goals and finding a way to achieve them. When Jones began his career, he had a wish to become a leader and found he had the foundation to become one.

"You are being taught skills that will propel you upward. The gospel principles you learn here at BYU are needed and appreciated in industry," he said.

For the 'back bone', Jones relayed a story in which he was put in a potentially compromising business situation. However, he had a "strong back bone that had been prepared for years" and was able to remain true to his religious beliefs, he said. He encouraged students to never compromise their standards.

"You'll be creating your own stories," said Jones. "You write that script. You decide how things turn out."

The honored alumnus award is given annually to graduates who have achieved professional success and whose lives embody the Spirit of BYU. Jones graduated from the university with a degree in design engineering technology and has a master's degree in marketing from West Coast University in Los Angeles. He currently serves as the president-elect of the Fulton College's Advancement Council for Engineering and Technology (ACET), and previously led the council's committee for mentoring and leadership.


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