Korean dignitaries visit BYU to promote the sharing of water resource tools

On Friday, August 5, Korean dignitaries Dr. Tae Sang Ryu and Dr. Sung Hoon Kim visited BYU to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The purpose of the agreement is to promote the sharing of water resource tools, technologies and trainings between BYU and K-water, South Korea’s national water agency.

K-water is a leader in economic growth through water resource management and is dedicated to efficient, environment-friendly development and management of water resources in Korea. They are interested in BYU’s software tools MapWindow and the Tethys Platform to help them continue to efficiently manage their water resources.

In a speech given at the event, Ryu, executive director over the Future Technology Division at K-water said, “I am very excited that now K-water can collaborate with BYU regrading software capacity for the smart water management technologies. It will be profitable for both BYU and K-water.”

The software tools K-water is explicitly interested in were designed to enable web-based water data analysis and modelling.

MapWindow is an open source Geographic Information System software tool developed by BYU professor Daniel Ames. The mapping software is an internationally used user interface for water models.

The Tethys Platform is web framework which enables users to develop water resource web applications. It diminishes the need for engineers to have an extensive knowledge of programming to create apps to display their research in an interactive way.

“We anticipate this MOU will pave the way for exciting and challenging future research projects in collaboration with K-water,” said Ames. “As a global leader in water resources engineering and management, K-water has much to share with our researchers and students. Likewise, we anticipate helping facilitate K-water’s adoption of global standards for water data sharing, as well as our BYU software tools for desktop and web based water data management.”

The MOU was signed by director of ORCA Gary Reynolds and Dr. Tae Sang Ryu.

“I am convinced that today’s MOU will be marked as the first step to improve water management capabilities in Asia and other developing countries, as well as to enhance K-water’s software capacity,” Ryu stated. 

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