Live from BYU Radio: Chemical engineering faculty share insights

From sports to music to healthcare, BYU Radio talks about anything and everything interesting going on at BYU--including chemical engineering. Starting Fall Semester 2013, BYU Chemical Engineering faculty members have participated in weekly interviews on The Morning Show. A total of 14 interviews have aired with more to come.

The interviews, conducted every Thursday, gave almost the entire faculty (including part-time and emeritus professors) the chance to discuss the current state of chemical engineering at BYU, including current research projects, recent discoveries and different opportunities available to BYU engineering students. The interviews provide a fascinating view of the current state of the department, as well as the research being conducted by faculty and students alike. Over 80 percent of undergraduate Ch En students at BYU participate in research-mentored experiences during their time in school. Faculty members conduct research, teach classes and act as personal advisors for students, giving students more chances to learn and be successful.

The following list is an archive of the interviews that were aired over the past semester. Interviews will continue during select Thursdays of the 2014 winter semester.

September 12, 2013: Dr. Pitt talks about the pros and cons of plastics (begins at 31:00).

September 19, 2013: Dr. Lignell talks about different aspects of combustion (begins at 26:00).

September 26, 2013: Dr. Hedengren talks about shale oil and energy resources (begins at 29:00).

October 3, 2013: Dr. Cook talks about creating replacement organs for human transplant (begins at 28:30).

October 10, 2013: Dr. Baxter discusses renewable energy (begins at 28:15).

October 17, 2013: Dr. Solen talks about the relationship between chemistry and blood (begins at 30:00).

October 24, 2013: Dr. Bundy discusses biocatalysts and their uses (begins at 29:20).

October 31, 2013: Sister Rasband talks about freeze drying, freezer burn, and secondary drying (begins at 30:00).

November 7, 2013: Dr. Wheeler talks about his research on batteries (begins at 27:55).

November 14, 2013: Dr. Argyle talks about his studies on oil (begins at 27:30).

November 21, 2013: Dr. Lewis talks about engineering study abroad opportunities at BYU (begins at 27:00)

December 5, 2013:Dr. Hecker leads a panel that talks about research in Chemical Engineering (begins at 28:00).

December 12, 2013: Nicole Stewart talks about women in Chemical Engineering (begins at 32:00).

January 16, 2014: Dr. Pitt talks about how engineering helps us create new types of food (begins at 34:45).

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