ReForm is named Student Innovator of the Year 2013

The judges have chosen ReForm as the 2013 Student Innovator of the Year and grand prize recipient of $5,000.

This year’s competition started with 35 contestants which were narrowed down to eight finalists. Innovation enthusiasts, interested investors and supportive peers packed the Varsity Theater today to watch the finalists present.

ReForm, awarded the 1st place prize, is a modular insulated concrete forming system designed for rapid home and building construction that is extremely durable and highly energy-efficient. 

Second place, the $3,000 award, was presented to Lunch Box, who also won the $1,000 “crowd favorite” award. Lunch Box is an app that tells students about all of the free food opportunities on a college campus. Currently there are 10,000 BYU students using the app.

The $2,000 third place award was given to Xonano, a unique “smart” foam that contains tiny sensors that measure acceleration and impact. The foam is useful in several different situations, including football helmets where the sensory data gathered can be transmitted to a coach’s tablet on the field sidelines.

The “great potential” title and $1,000 award was given to Cheribum, protecting the common man. Cheribum has created a home security system that offers premium quality service for the cost of a home-installation system.

Honorable mention awards were given to the following:

Best product for scalability is Oyster

Best aesthetic design is RunForm

Greatest health benefit is ActiveOffice

Best presentation is Newton Technologies (NodStop)

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