Technology and Engineering Education students win big at national competition

BYU’s Technology and Engineering Education students went to Dallas to compete in this year’s Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association and International Technology and Engineering Association (TEECA ITEEA) conference and student competitions. The students took home first place in the technology challenge, the communications challenge, and the problem solving challenge. They also won second place in the teaching and lesson plan challenge. Also, BYU student Joseph Reid was named the ITEEA TEECA Outstanding Student of the Year.

The conference includes a variety of competition that allows students to use the different skills they learn in the TEE major. Some of the skills uses are communication, transportation, innovation, manufacturing, robotics, manufacturing, and general knowledge of technology.

Adam Barlow, a senior studying TEE participated in both the technology challenge and the problem solving challenge. Barlow compared the technology challenge to jeopardy or a quiz bowl and he said it was pretty clear from the beginning that BYU was going to take home first place from how quickly they took the lead. For the problem solving challenge, students were told to design and build a bike parking structure and explain why it is the best.

“We ended up building a Ferris wheel meets a conveyor belt meets a ski lift and it worked out really well,” Barlow said. “A lot of the other schools had similar ideas too, but a big part of it was coming up with a realistic solution and presenting it as professionally as we could.”

A large part of the project was not just the structure itself, which the students built in Dallas before the competition started, but the designs, graphics, and explanations of the structure. Whitney Carlson, a junior, took charge of this portion, which Barlow said put them into first place.

Carlson said that it meant a lot to go and do well and that it was a great opportunity to be with her fellow students.

“It was a great time for people in the major to get to bond and to spend more time together,” Carlson said. “It’s a national competition for schools around the country and it means we beat them.”

For Barlow, it was rewarding to see how BYU students stood out from the crowd and to see all their hard work pay off.

“It was a cool experience to see that our program is doing well,” Barlow said. “We all worked really hard and sacrificed a lot of time to make it, but I think we got out what we put in.”


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