Winter 2013 convocation: Statistics and keynote addresses now online

On Friday, April 26, there were 580 graduation candidates for the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology. The breakdown was as follows:

College of Engineering: 327

School of Technology: 172

Master’s Degree Candidates: 62

Doctoral Candidates: 19


Mel Nichols was the keynote speaker for the convocation ceremony for the engineering departments. Download a PDF of Nichols' remarks here, or listen to the audio recording here.

Nichols, former president and CEO of DOWL Engineers, spoke about the many opportunities that lay ahead of this year’s graduates.

“I think you have opportunities ahead of you that will amaze you as you reach out and grasp them…” said Nichols. “Be optimistic. You have great futures ahead of you to be carved out.”

Nichols encouraged graduates to avoid negativity and pessimism. He said that pessimism is unwarranted, and that students should ignore “the naysaying that is the constant background noise of the media.” He shared experiences from his time as a mission president in the India, Bangalore mission, and how missionaries he served with learned the value of optimism.

In addition to being optimistic, Nichols also encouraged graduates to live by the following rules: don’t blame others for your mistakes, always set goals, don’t compare yourself to others or compete with them, tell the truth, keep confidences, trust people, work hard, and invest in yourself.

“You are a great group of young people,” Nichols said in closing. “You have a great start in life. You can do anything you can conceive and will fully commit yourself to. Of that I am confident.”

School of Technology

The keynote speaker for the School of Technology convocation ceremony was Alan Layton, chairman of Layton Companies. Layton Construction is a nationally-ranked commercial contractor responsible for many high-profile projects throughout the nation, including luxury hotels, hospitals, manufacturing plants, university buildings, Olympic facilities and more. Layton addressed the graduates from the School of Technology.

You can read a PDF of Layton's speech here or listen to the audio recording here.

Both ceremonies were followed by light buffets for the graduates and their guests.

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