ET Display Screens

Screen Policies

Official clubs and organizations of the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology and BYU may advertise on the screens in the Clyde and Crabtree building lobbies.  The purpose of the digital signage is to inform students, faculty and staff of relevant information in a professional manner.  Digital signage is an efficient and cost-effective alternative to printed materials such as posters and flyers in the lobby areas.

To submit an advertisement for the digital display:


Timeline and Schedule

Allow three business days for us to post your slide.  *Please take into account that the preferred running date is usually up to one week before your event date.  Plan ahead. 


Email your advertisement to


To expedite the posting of your advertisement, be sure it meets the following criteria:

  • Saved as a .jpg file (please send the original file also)
  • Size: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Resolution: 150 ppi (If using PowerPoint to create your ad, change the dimensions under page setup to 26.67 in. x 15 in. before designing.)
  • Images: Please use high resolution photos and artwork so images do not appear stretched or pixelated.
  • Use copyrighted materials only with permission.
  • Keep in line with BYU standards.
  • Information is relevant to the college of engineering and technology.
  • Error free.  Double-check spelling, dates, times and locations. 
  • Templates: PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

Design Tips

  • Avoid clutter.
  • Keep it simple.  Avoid using too much text--each slide is displayed for approximately 10 seconds. 
  • Use 1-3 fonts and keep sizes consistent.  Do not use anything smaller than 14 pt. font.
  • Limit color use, but use bold, eye-catching colors.
  • Use design elements such as color and size to create a hierarchy of important information.

Editing & Prioritizing

The college's communications department reserves the right to edit images and/or text on submitted advertisements.  It also reserves the right to prioritize which slides will run as space is limited on the display.


Email with questions concerning your advertisement.