College Health and Safety Documents

Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)

This written document establishes the manner in which laboratories in the college address the safe use of chemicals.  This document incorporates the online Chemical Hazard Assessment Form (CHAF), which is provided as a tool by Risk Management to help laboratories assess the work they are performing for hazards, risks, and control measures. 


Job Hazard Assessment Form (JHA) 

This form is to be used for all processes not addressed by the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP).  This document helps supervisors identify hazards associated with the work being performed by them or their workers, and assists them in identifying hazard controls.


Emergency Action Plan (EAP) 

This plan establishes the procedures college personnel should follow when an emergency (as identified in the plan) occurs on campus.   The current copy is an initial draft for review that has not yet been approved.