Women in Engineering and Technology

Having the right resources can ensure your success in a technical discipline. WE@BYU: Women in Engineering and Technology is an organization that supports you both as a student and in the future. WE@BYU hosts activities, connects you to resources, and provides you with the tools you need to excel. You have the potential to change the world. We want to help you discover the distinct contributions you can make with a degree in engineering or technology.

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WE programs are a place to learn, discover and explore aspects of engineering and technology and connect with other female students and alumni. WE events provide a venue for discussion and learning on issues of special interest to women, such as mapping a career path, balancing career and family, and strengthening leadership skills. 

WE is a place of encouragement, support, and positive perspectives for women who are interested in making the world a better place by pursuing a degree in engineering or technology. 

WE@BYU offers:

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For more information about WE@BYU, our events or programs, or partcipating as a sponsor or mentor, please contact Terri Bateman or Heather Mills at engtech-women@byu.edu