WE@BYU New Student Retreat

All new students (freshmen and transfer) are invited to participate in the WE@BYU New Student Retreat. 

Held on a Saturday during early September, the retreat is a day where new female, engineering and technology students can meet and learn from other women students and faculty, enjoy team building activites and learn more about what they can look forward to as an Engineering & Technology student at BYU. It is held at beautiful Timp Lodge above Sundance Resort. 


This year's retreat is on September 17th. Join us for a fun time!

Light breakfast, lunch, and transportation will be provided. Meet at 10:30am at the Crabtree Building lobby.

RSVP by September 12th at the following link: NSR RSVP

But don't take our word for it:


What was the most useful thing you learned today?:

"I am a leader and I need to be okay with that."

--Chemical Engineering student

"Remember to do group work and ask professors for help."

--Industrial Design student

"You don't have to know everything, and it's okay to not be the best at everything."

--Manufacturing Engineering and Technology student

"I learned that I am not alone in my major."

--Mechanical Engineering student

"It's okay to not be sure about my future."

--Chemical Engineering student

"Don't change your major just because you take a hard class."

--Civil and Environmental Engineering student

What was the best part of the day? 

“The panel about 'What I Wish I Would have Known' was very helpful”

--Chemical Engineering student

“The team building games-I don't usually ever like these, but it helped me to get to know the mentors better and others in my major.”

--Mechanical Engineering student

“Eating dinner with one of my professors!”

--Manufacturing Engineering and Technology student

"Talking to the mentors about how hard classes are, what classes to take, and what professors to take classes from."

--Mechanical Engineering student







For more information about the WE @BYU New Student Retreat please contact Terri Bateman or Julie Crockett at engtech-women@byu.edu