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Katy with two friends in China standing on an ancient stone wall

Katy Dallon

Electrical Engineering, Senior

What international experience have you had?

I went on the global leadership study abroad to China. I learned about globalization and its effects, how to be a successful engineer in an increasingly global market and a little bit of Chinese language and culture. I visited several engineering companies in China (Foton, Quanta, Diodes, Celanese, and Nanjing Develop) and went sight-seeing in Nanjing, Xi'an, Beijing, and Shanghai.

What have you learned through your experience in engineering?

It was really interesting, and fun, to see firsthand some of the differences between China and the U.S. Seeing how globalization has changed China so much started me thinking about how it is likely to change in the future and how that will affect my career. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, so I will need to know how to work with engineers from different backgrounds. I gained an appreciation and respect for the Chinese people, and learning about their culture helped me to understand them better and put a human face on the numbers and news I hear about China.