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Laurel in the DR with her local students

Laurel Green

Technology & Engineering Education, Junior

What international experience have you had?

This summer I spent five weeks in the Dominican Republic teaching technology courses to sixth-12thgraders at Macile, a summer school program in Haina. Here’s the catch: in Spanish.
My class was the oldest group, 16-18 years old. It was rewarding and an honor to teach kids who were so capable and eager to learn. I have never met a more sweet, caring and welcoming people. One day, I wrote in my journal, “Everything is warm here – the weather, the milk and especially the people!”
I taught them about technologies used to remove clots from arteries and genetically engineered crops. I taught them to think like engineers and tackle modern problems.

What have you learned through your experience in engineering?

After changing my major multiple times I wasn’t certain that teaching would be the right place for me. After spending five weeks teaching, my students taught me how much I absolutely love people. I have never had a more sweet or rewarding experience with people as I have had teaching. I found I really do belong in Technology and Engineering Education; I just had to go 3,000 miles to have 10 teenagers help me realize it.