Alaskan Fishing


Ever thought "Happy Valley," Utah was too crowded?

Ever experienced the most beautiful place on earth?

Ever wonder what it's like to grow up in the "Wilds of Alaska" out on a commercial fishing boat?

So these three questions may seem somewhat unrelated, but Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: 

Southeast Alaska

My hometown is Petersburg


Map of Alaska

Fishing Vessel "Liahona"
I grew up around boats, and this one was my family's - actually my dad's - pride and joy from when we purchased it in 2001 to now.  The boat we had previously to this one was much smaller and nowhere near as comfortable!
F/V "Liahona"
Here's what we call a "seine."  Basically, it's a really long net that's got a draw string, or purse-line, at the bottom.  The net circles the fish then the purse is tightened trapping the fish
Crab Fishing
During the summer and into the fall we spent our time on the boat going after Dungeness Crab.  These feisty buggers will take your finger off if you let them.
Dungeness Crab
crab fishing
My Dad's faithful pooch doesn't leave his side unless he must.  
By the way, that rope he's laying on is the purse-line
Faithful hound dog