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ECEn 662R, Electromagnetic Properties of Materials, Fall 2014

Welcome to 662R! It is going to be a great semester!

This exciting course is about understanding the physical roots of material properties. Thus, it will start with quantum mechanics, move through some statistical mechanics, and then relate those principles to electrical and magnetic properties. This will help you to understand the great variation and challenge associated with materials and provide a foundation for measurements of those materials. While no single course could possibly cover all of the properties of materials, this should give you a firm understanding of materials that are used in many electrical engineering applications.

Prerequisites: ECEn 370, 360


Meeting Times: MWF 11-11:50 AM, Location 385 CB

Instructor Contact

Dr. Brian Mazzeo
Phone: 801-422-1240
Office: 448 CB
Office Hours: TBD


Required Text:
Introduction to the Physics and Chemistry of Materials
By Robert J. Naumann
ISBN: 978-1-4200-6133-8
Taylor & Francis, 2009

Recommended Text:
Physical Properties of Materials for Engineerings 2nd ed.
By Daniel D. Pollock
ISBN: 0-8493-4237-6
CRC Press, 1993

Recommended Text:
An Introduction to Quantum Physics
By A. P. French and Edwin F. Taylor
ISBN: 0-393-09106-6
W. W. Norton & Company, Inc. 1978


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