Rainy Day Engineering – Book

A group of TEE students (thanks Whitney and Amy) have worked tirelessly on a fantastic book called: Rainy Day Engineering. It will be coming out soon! It’s a collection of engineering activities for kids and parents to do at home – or in school – or wherever. Spread the word!

Having Successful Conversations

In class today we watched and briefly discussed a TED talk by Celeste Headlee. In it she provides 10 techniques for having better conversations. This is definitely a skill we all need to work on – as it helps create meaningful rapport, and friends, and more successful teaching and companies. My notes are as follows:
1. Don’t multitask (no half in. If you’re only half in, get out).
2. Don’t pontificate. No pundits. Enter assuming/desiring to learn.
3. Use open ended questions: who, what, when, why, how (ex., what was it like?)
4. Go with the flow. Pre planned questions stop your listening.
5. If you don’t know, then say you don’t.
6. Don’t equate your experience to theirs. Experiences are individual.
7. Don’t repeat yourself (ex., you know what I mean?)
8. Stay out of the woods – meaning, don’t worry about the random deals of dates, etc.
9. Listen. If you mouth is open you’re not listening. You can talk 225 words/min., but you can listen 500 words/min.
10. Be brief. Like a miniskirt – short enough to keep us interested, but long enough to cover the subject.