Photo Inspiration

Our class has recently completed a brief intro. to photography – and although I was impressed with everyone’s effort, we have room for additional growth. In reflecting on how we might best keep growing as photographers I came across this article on design inspiration – it links to a series of really interesting photographs. I think during developmental stages of learning it is appropriate and helpful to see other work (for example, in this case look at other photography and see how they are composing and framing their shots).

Do you have an iPhone?

In reference to the STLs being taught in 276 I thought I should make mention of something Josh referenced in his presentation regarding how fast different technologies have caught on: it’s true, the iPhone is one of the fastest growing digital devices to be purchased ever – I wonder how many of my students have one? And, what’s the largest age group of owners – my guess: 30 – 40 year olds (they are the only ones who can afford the ATT contracts).

“The iPhone/iTouch combo is also the fastest-growing consumer electronics product of all time. Its adoption ramp is even steeper than videogame consoles including the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and Sony PSP. The original iPod and Blackberry aren’t even in the same league.” (Source).

Flash Basics

Today we will continue our introduction to Flash – and actionScript 3.0. Here is a file you will need.

Also, you will probably need that flash cheat sheet I gave you last time. Here it is if you lost or misplaced it.

Remember: your assignment is to make an instructional piece – which means, this assignment is fairly open ended (an instructional piece can range from “Teaching” or “Explaining” something, to creating a popmerical or commercial of some sort, advertising a specific product, company, etc.).

Here are some examples:


I realize many of you know HTML and CSS – which is great – because at a min. I think everyone nowadays should be able to read and understand the code. However, in light of the purpose and scope of this class we will be going over the basics of HTML and CSS. Note: if you feel you are really strong in these languages then please don’t waste your time, go ahead and get going on your assignment (make a basic 3 page CSS based website using a header you created in Photoshop, etc. Remember the site should have body content for 3 pages, and each page should be interlinked. Have a contact page with either a mailable form, or an email link.) For those of you who are new (or who need a refresher) to HTML and or CSS the following links will prove helpful:

Also, here is the link to the file I want you to use for your in-class assignment (which I will explain in class – basically I want you to use this layout to create a simple mock up site.)