Two interesting finds as of late – one from a student, the other from my son – who reminded me with his Valentine’s project, that type and graphic design (in this case print design) is still alive and important.

The story is: it was time for the kindergarten Valentine card exchange. Leah had made some “Cool” Valentine cards for him to give out, but he wanted to make one of his own. So, he asked us how to cut out a heart, and then went up to his room to decorate it. The card image is below. Evidently you can find true love in Kindergarten, and know of the importance to design something you are proud of to share that love. I rarely use the words, “How sweet” – but I think it’s ok in this case.

The second image listed below is simply a funny – but strangely true statement of love by someone who knows, believes, and is addicted to type.


I was driving by, and this sign made me laugh. Especially since this happens to be Gold’s GYM sign that isn’t properly functioning in PROVO, UTAH of all places.