Group 1 Teaching

The first group to teach did a great job. Lindsey posted an entertaining – but true reflection after the experience:

At the end of it all [her teaching experience], I was worn out (and we were only there for just over an hour!) I think I more fully realized what exactly I’m getting myself into (haha). A teaching profession is something you put your whole body and soul into, and hope it all turns out in the end. It’s not something to take lightly, it’s a lot of work. I’m excited for it! This experience helped me get one more little glimpse at why I’m getting this education, and what I have to look forward to in the future!

TEE 276 – Good Student Insights

Here are some great reads from your classmates from this past week:

“I feel what makes the biggest difference in my decision to become a teacher is the same as most… I just want to help people.”

“The concluding thought in a lecture we recently had was:
Can you afford to be a teacher?
Can you afford not to be a teacher?
Simply, I think that is very powerful. Its aim was more toward the realities of the financial aspect of teaching, but I look at time in place of money. Can I afford to give up a lot of time to be a teacher? Further, can I afford not to? I guess what I’m saying is that I’ve realized how amazing this major actually is, because of what we are exposed to, and more what we can do with what we are taught.”

“I think that our (TEE) teaching methods can be very unorthodox in some other teaching professions eyes, ei Mathematics. We are out, doing things hands on, possibly (probably) making a mess. and it’s going to be approved by the administration but just barely (which makes it ok). Learning doesn’t have to be all book work and memorization, you can learn while having fun or blowing something up. We as teachers, on an individual basis, need to come up with our own teaching strategies and that’s when we’ll be most successful. i personally choose blowing stuff up, what’s yours?”

Honorary mention (Kylie) – bc it was kind of funny:
“I really enjoyed the lecture on Tuesday and I’m sure that I speak for everyone that was there. By the end of the lecture everyone was either crying or thinking about crying. Yeah, I’m sure even Jared thought about it.”

Reflections of the Week

Jared wrote the following. At first, I found it humorous, and then I realized that the reason I found myself smiling as I read it was because how true it rang with my own interpretation of teaching. Jared, nice observation.

The weird thing about teaching is teaching is always evolving. I always viewed it as something that became stagnant after years of doing. Seeing the boring teachers in high school gave me that thought, maybe they just lost their passion. It makes me wonder about things. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to do one thing for very long. I feel myself growing to like teaching more and more every day, but there is still that thought in the back of my head. Who knows, maybe i’ll fulfill my dream and race cars. until then, i like the idea of being a teacher.

Also, Tara had a nice summary observation of what good teaching should involve:

I really hope that I can take some of the many amazing things I learned this week and apply it to my lesson in a couple of weeks. I really hope I can entertain, present, assess, engage, create discussion, ensure understanding, etc.

I also appreciated Rashell’s reflection on (in essence) the moral dimensions of teaching:

I would like to reflect upon the things which I have learned so far about becoming a teacher. First off I thought it would be a piece of cake to be a teacher. You go into a class room, just tell your students what you know and then end the day y going home and spending time with your family. Well I was clearly wrong. Being a teacher takes a lot of effort and care towards those who we are teaching. And I think what makes the best teachers are those that actually reach out to all their students. When I was in high school and even in college I have had some teachers who pay attention mostly to only a few of their students, and others fall behind because those students feel like there is no point in trying to do good because the teacher doesn’t care if I succeed or don’t.
As a teacher we need to be open to all students and at all the levels of learning they are at. Teachers who only focus in on the overly smart students and only grade according to those students will have other students feel like there is no hope for them. Something I also realize with this is the fact that some students take a lot longer time to learn certain things. And I feel like as a teacher we do need to accommodate for those student to make sure they are learning to their best abilities and that we do our best to help them as much as we can.