Group 2 and 3 Teaching

The second and third groups finished their teaching experiences last Tuesday and Thursday. They did a great job (the 6th grade students were very engaged in the topic – that had multiple objectives: design process, problem solving, creative thinking, innovation… in addition to the ideas of assemble line, prototyping, structures, etc. Here are a few comments the students shared in their reflections:


I thought it was a lot of fun and that the lesson went pretty well… It’s refreshing to see how much they were trying to understand the concept and how willing they were to understand it. I was really impressed with that. I thought making the cardboard chairs was a fun idea for them… It definitely is eye opening seeing how much classroom management needs to be worked on. We had six people in our group and still couldn’t control the kids sometimes. The teacher did something amazing with establishing his classroom management. There was one point where he clapped his hands three times and then started counting down from five. Every student in there went perfectly silent and started running to their seats! I was in shock that worked so well. I think it’s so interesting to see how different teachers handle their classroom management and I think its amazing the students can respect him that much to do exactly what he says when he wants. It will be interesting to see how I handle an actual classroom.


Boy teaching is a lot of stressful work that can really pay off in the end when it all comes together. And if it doesn’t it is still a lot of stressful work that will hopefully pay off after a little more stressful work and preparation.