Good Student Reflections

Ben shared this reflection from class today – I thought it summarized what we talked about very well.

TEE 276: Reflection 3

During class we talked about morals in the classroom and the responsibility we will have as teachers to create an atmosphere where those can be taught and applied.


The bottom line is that many of the kids we’ll teach won’t have the strongest moral backgrounds, the greatest family life or a role model for good values in their lives. That means that some of the kids we teach will need us to be the good examples. They will look to us for the “why” behind morality. We will want to be ready with an answer. Without a strong family, or moral role model to look up to in their lives, kids will easily gravitate to their friends’ level of morality, or even use what they see on t.v. as their moral compass. This is why it is so important to know where we as teachers stand with our own personal morals and our commitment to creating a positive morally enriching atmosphere within the classroom. Not only can we make a difference intellectually in the lives of the kids we teach but also morally as we strive to be a good example of the morals that they need in order to be productive and knowledgeable citizens in society.


As a teacher I will do all I can to be an example for my students of someone they can look to to model their values from. I will find ways in which to balance course material with underlying moral lessons and be watchful to find moments in the classroom environment where I can present them in a non-invasive way.

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