Insights from TEE 276 – Ed Psych

The students are invited to reflect on their experiences/learning in TEE 276 – Ed Psych. From time to time I will share some of their reflections (or parts thereof) as they have great insights on technology ed., and teaching and learning.

Moonboot shared: “Teaching is a stewardship. We have a stewardship from God to teach students and to teach them good morals so they can pass those morals onto their families and friends.”

Alyx shared: “I think the most important thing that I learned was that there are so many right ways to teaching. There are so many different approaches and methods that would be amazing productive methods for teaching. Obviously there are some things you do not want to do in classroom, but for the most part there are a lot of good things that you can do. Some of the things that students did was having an engaging activity, or playing a video or song, giving out candy as a reward, having formative and summative testing. All these things are good methods of teaching. One thing that I noticed that a lot of us are still not doing is having a good hook or alternative setting. This is probably the most important part of the lesson because it gets students interested in learning and what is going to come ahead for the day.”

Alex shared:

“Capture: In class we learned about exponential learning. exponential learning is essentially the way that we adjust our attitude to allow ourselves to have the desire to learn. I still don’t understand this fully but I can see how this would be a very good concept to master as a lifetime learner.

Analyze: As I was thinking about exponential learning I realized that is how Geoff has set up his classroom. By providing an opportunity for us to not focus as much about the grades compared to what we actually need to learn as a teacher I can focus on applying what I have learned. Another thing that I recognized is that I have not taken advantage of the exponential learning applications. I have slacked in some of the small things that I am supposed to do in this class. Exponential learning is about breaking things down and taking them to heart.

Action: Therefore, I am making changes in my schooling. I want to learn and I want to apply what I have learned into my life. I will be better about doing the small assignments and do my best to see everything as a learning opportunity, no matter how small”

Matt shared a very well written insightful post – that is too long to repost – but please visit his post to get the full effect (Matt’s post).

I also loved Audrey’s humble summary of her teaching experience. I think we could all echo with her sentiments.