Great Fox and Snail Work!

TEE has once again produced some great Illustrator work!



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  1. Keslie –
    There’s been a lot of negativity related to the new iPhone 7 because it’s losing the headphone jack but this article l talks about what the phone is gaining!
    This is a link to a really cool topography step-by-step in photoshop in case anyone needs some topography inspiration.

  2. Jenica’s finds;
    Really really interesting article about the different brands that have been redesigned in 2016. The most obvious one to me was instagram, but by seeing brand redesigning. Logos are becoming more and more simplistic. Mozilla Firefox is redesigning their brand as just Mozilla and are letting the public decide on their new logo. I’ll miss that little firefox!
    This article discusses a study finding that selfies can make you happier and more confident. One criticism of millennials is that they are narcissistic and take too many selfies. Connecting this to Whitney’s presentation today thoIn previous generations though, they didn’t have the technology of taking multiple photos because they were limited to film. Selfie culture probably just seems alienating and that’s why they perceive it as narcissism rather than confidence.

  3. Maddy Mae’s Finds:

    This modification of drone design allows for the Performance of tasks too dangerous for human workers. I anticipate that this will allow for technological advancements that were previously limited by the risks posed to workers.

    New York City was forced to disable the onsite tablets at their wifi hubs due to users monopolizing the resource. The onsite tablets are part of the city’s efforts to create a city-wide wifi network and create easy accessibility. However the homeless population has presented a challenges as they have kept on the open access to use it in ways not intended by the city. I like this article because this issue brings up questions about the ethics and logistics of free internet access. Are we all entitled to free internet access and the deceives required to access it?

  4. Cassidy Vela

    I love family history, and the fact that algorithms are able to track genes into the past is astounding! Mutations are so random, but this algorithm can figure out when they happened down the genetic line

    Self teaching algorithms used in space research are playing a part in cancer research as well. It’s amazing how progressions in one area can be applied to other areas as well.

  5. Whitney’s Finds:
    Interesting article about Apple Pay on the new iphone. Apparently now you can use Apple Pay, not just in physical stores, but also for online shopping. This site believes that by making it easier and more convenient to pay online will significantly increase online sales.

    This article is about the effects of social media on child stars. Mainly focusing on Mara Wilson (Matilda), who was one of the last children to be a star before the rise of social media, and her gratitude for that.

  6. Users question the ad-blocking tendencies of Google on a supposedly neutral search engine.

    Silicon Valley veterans Bill Burnett and Dave Evans have been helping Stanford students navigate the future through their popular courses. Now they want to help you through their ideas on “Designing Your Life”.

    -Emily Peterson

  7. Deric Everitt’s finds:
    This is a great write up about a survey of over 1300 K-12 teachers asking what they found most valuable in the list was Chromebooks, laptops, and tablets were chosen as the most valuable tools for teaching and learning.
    I find it interesting that self driving cars are so advanced.

  8. Jacob encontró:

    Tinder revolutionized the swiping gesture and now swiping left for “no” and right for “yes” has entered iMessaging. You can now get opinions in group chats by submitting multiple photos, check it out!

    Also, it looks like Adidas is so high-tech the they made a new shoe in a factory consisting of only robots! No human hands were involved in the making of this shoe, how efficient!

  9. Maddy Mae’s Finds:

    Just as high end photography has become accessible to everyone 3D photography will become common place. Right now all that is available is this attachment to turn your phone camera into a rudimentary 3D camera, but I think that it will not take very long for the technology to become so simple and affordable that it will be a standard included feature for mobile devices.

    This article discusses NASA’s new designs for a robotic spacecraft engineered to redirect asteroids. This topic is important for 2 reasons. The first one is that this spacecraft will require a completely new type of design development and engineering. Not only does this machinery need to go from point A to point B, it needs to also have the capacity to move other objects through space and against gravitational pulls. The second reason is that this may the beginning on man having a more assertive relationship with space. Until now we’ve mostly observed space. We’ve studied it and taken samples and pictures. Now there is discussion of actually moving things around. Considering how human impact on nature in our own planet is such a hot topic I have no doubt that the debate over human impact in space will be a contentious one. It might not make the news till many many years from now, but it will become a question of human responsibility.

  10. Michelle’s finds
    This could change public transportation, and I found it really interesting. this is a bus that can travel 150 miles on one charge. talk about saving time.
    this about how technology can replace 1 out of 2 jobs that humans do. I won’t lie, it slightly freaked me out, but it was extremely interesting.

  11. Amy Costello:

    Money and tech developments are being utilized to censor extremist content as well as promote anti-extremest groups’ messages. The latter is suspected to be more effective.
    “Facebook is expanding its campaign to combat hate speech”

    This article discusses the distinction between “borrowing” someone’s ideas, where you use them, but they still recognizably “belong” to the other person, and “stealing,” where you use an idea and make it your own.
    “With Design, It’s Better to Steal Than Borrow”

  12. Jenica’s finds:

    This article is called “when will we realize email isn’t private” and talks about how we may act like email and IM is private conversation, it’s still permanent written record online. Emails can easily be hacked. It made me think of how yes, I’ve always tried really hard to be proper on social media because I’ve always been told “future employers will see this blah blah.” But my emails and IMs are pretty unfiltered. Should I be more careful? Is it really that big of a priority? I don’t know.

    “Welcome, readers! It’s time to look at portfolios again, and boy did minimalism make a comeback.” This opening sentence made me laugh because I’m thinking, “uh where did it go?” I feel like design just keeps getting more and more minimalistic every day. We liv in a wrld of abbrievs

  13. Tanner Wilson’s links:

    This first link is a great discussion on the change in iconography. The way we work various fields is becoming less clear in terms of communicating via design. Interesting thoughts!

    This article is super interesting. It is the writers predictions of the impact on our day to day life and how this will result in a huge change in how we live today!

  14. Cassidy Vela:

    EQ-Radio uses signals that bounce off people to read their emotions. The signals tell facial expression, heartbeat, breathing, and other indicators of emotion. It’s right 87% of the time! This technology could be used to help find early signs of depression as well as in smart homes (still freak me out) to give suggestions depending on your current emotion.

    Foldit gamers were able to beat scientists, college students, and computer algorithms in identifying a particular protein’s shape. Anyone with a 3-D mindset can help science progress. They learn the shapes of proteins naturally because it is fun. Great education implications.

  15. Amy Costello

    An article about how a hacker was able to access a security company’s important client’s accounts using his phone number and basic information. Interesting read about cell security.

    “On Phone Numbers and Identity”

    An article showing two different examples of how brand logos get in your brain and affect your perceptions of things. You look at logos and expect to see one thing, but it takes you a minute to realize something’s off…

    “Famous Brand Logo Names Replaced with their Font Names by McCauley Creative”

  16. Maddy Mae:

    Malware is becoming more advanced in order to avoid detection. As technology advances to keep malware from affecting a computer so does malware. I found this interesting as we were recently discussing hacking and malware in class.

    The secret to a naturally perfect looking photo is to have nothing about it be natural at all. Different tips and tricks like specifically designed lighting and props are what makes good photos look so seamless but still life like. I thought these would be interesting ideas to keep in mind while working on our photography project.

  17. Whitney’s Finds:

    Blackberry recently announced that they would no longer be producing and selling products. This is an article and series of pictures portraying the rise and fall of Blackberry phone.

    Interesting article about an app to help you register to vote, and message friends to help them get registered to vote. If you want to gamify the app, there is even a leaderboard showing the user that get the most people registered. I thought this was neat because its a good way to use technology to encourage political activism in your social sphere.

  18. Deric’s finds:
    I love this I have had amber alerts sent to my phone for years and think it will help to find the kids if you see a pic on your phone when the alerts come in
    Sometimes we need to remember that not all technology is good all the time. texting and driving is a problem

  19. Taylor’s Finds

    A cool thing that some German’s are doing to leverage tech in helping refugees!

    Amazon is trying to revolutionize voice AI to be more humanlike. They are offering a huge prize to the college students best able to do it.

  20. Jacob’s finds:

    So VR has made some pretty revolutionary progress but I never expected this. Now with VR, a software is being created that let’s you sketch in 3D! Imagine what this could mean for designers.

    Also, Spotify is creating a personalized playlist based on what you like and what you already listen to which will update itself daily! How cool is that?

  21. Shelley’s finds week 4:

    New fitness watch that has all the same functions as smart fitness watches but is waterproof, runs on a coin battery and is only $20

    Google is developing their own version of Uber and Lyft. Google Waze is different in that drivers are limited to giving 2 rides a day and don’t get paid as much. It is more of a carpooling service to work or school. Drivers are only compensated for the gas they use.

  22. Jenica’s finds:
    This article encourages people to come to the White House on Oct 3rd to participate in a technology and social innovation event. The goal is to increase civic engagement by motivating people to view social innovation as an opportunity for creative, ideas, art, and action.
    This article highlights a new website called Codingame which is an in-browser shooting game where you defend your space ship using different coding commands. It reminded me of the games I used to play in elementary computer class to learn how to type. Some people view coding as a super intimidating monster, but as coding is becoming the new English, we need to expand the modes of its education.

  23. Matts find

    The future of role-playing theater! A new experience in Los Angeles involves physiological horror similar to the movie “the game” and puts the participants in control of where the story goes. It sounds like a live action version of a tell tales game. The player decides the outcome of the story. Their choices leads to certain consequences. It sounds fascinating! Read the article to learn more

  24. Cassidy Vela (Sorry it’s late, I spaced yesterday!)

    A Code Club in Australia teaches kids from 8-11 years old to control the computer instead of letting the computer control them. They are using fun programs to make games as well as Makey Makey to incorporate objects as pieces of the keyboard.

    A new 3-D printable biomaterial is being used to create custom bones for use of bone transplants. This material is pourous and has certain materials that promote rapid bone regeneration. Other materials, like antibiotics, can be incorporated into the ink. Patients can be scanned and individual parts printed just for their needs.

  25. Adam’s Finds:

    There’s been a steady buzz about virtual reality. But have you heard about Augmented Reality? It’s much the same as virtual reality, but it only partically alters what you see rather than entirely. It’s pretty cool!

    You’ve heard that the recent SpaceX rocket was a bust and blew up before blast off. But did you know it consequently disrupted internet availability in Africa? Check it out to learn more.

  26. Dillon Durrant

    Here’s an interesting article about our discussion on Cloud computing. Interesting how companies that were so integral to technology are being snuffed out by this new cloud technology:
    Here’s a cool one since we just learned web design and programming! Wouldn’t it be nice if a computer could just convert all that code for you so you don’t have to write an app for Android and iOS? Now there is!

  27. Whitney’s Finds:

    This company owns a fleet of cars that can be used specifically for driver for Lyft and Uber. This way if you don’t own a car, or don’t want to run up the miles on your car, you can still make some cash driving other people around!

    Fun journaling app, for those who aren’t so good at traditional journaling.

  28. Maddy Mae – Oct 5

    Udacity, a MOOC platform, is now hosting a self-diving car nanodegree program and will be open sourcing 223GB of data. While this is not nearly as much data as is being collected by Uber and Tesla, he open access to the data will drive an open discussion and source of ideas for increasing the safety of autonomous cars. I found this article to be a great example of how MOOCs can speed up technological advancement by providing open access to information and encouraging discussion and innovation.

    A new router design consisting of three parts, the main router box and two antennas, allows for wider coverage as the three components create a mesh networking system. This system works well for large areas with lots of obstructions. I found this article interesting because while it seems like a very good solution it seems like using white space to spread wifi would still be a more preferable option for society at large. I am interested to see if we as a group will ever switch that that more efficient system or if we’ll just keep pumping money and effort into making routers better and better.

  29. Michelle’s finds:
    Power laces are here. Nike has invented self-tightening laces on shoes just like the ones in Back to the Future Part II. This is really interesting how these applications are becoming real!
    This could actually be really helpful for everyday people! It’s a device that can tell you when fruit is ripe.

  30. Filmmaker Douglas Trumbull has invented a super-immersive film format and projection technology in hopes of improving the cinematic experience. Now he needs to get the industry to pay attention.

    This accessory makes virtual reality so real that a surgeon could train with it.

    – Emily Peterson

  31. Keslie Egbert
    This reminded me of the lesson we had about printers. It burns the paper and listens to the ambiance of the room.
    These students created something that allows your phone to sense whatever is put on the sensor like a plastic tray or a cup vs. a water glass.

  32. Jacob’s finds

    So I guess engineers have been working on a solar tile technology that would be placed on the ground (is durable) and will harness energy to power public parks, bathrooms, etc.

    Who knew that electric bikes were a thing? Well, this company just invented one that can go 150 miles on a single charge! Check it out here.

  33. Cassidy Vela

    Hackers are attacking the US so often, and this upcoming election is just begging them to try.,-no-sign-of-damage/7896030

    Algae is so cool! We can stop being hunters and gatherers of energy and begin being agricultural growers of it. These scientists are researching how to increase the algae’s nitrogen production levels to industrial proportions.

  34. Matts 2 finds

    In movie news, the title of the new wolverine movie with hugh jackman will be titled “logan.” its set to be released in march 2017 and is expected to be the first R rated wolverine movie.

    Can you take a small 387 square foot (36 sqm) furniture storage room and turn into an apartment? Check how someone in sweden made a small apartment liveable by designing a loft bed with a closet underneath. It actually looks comfy!

    In this article, I learned the most important elements to making icons for an app or website. The article emphasised recognisability and simplicity.
    This article reported the findings of a study about texting and driving. They found that most of the texts teenagers were responding to while driving were ones from their mom. This is even if their parents have no texting while driving rules. Researchers said that this is because they think a text from their mom is more important than one from their friends or dad. Also, a reported 29% of parents expected a response before their child came home. What the heck! Parents need to stop texting their kids while driving!

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