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  1. Hunter Christensen, TEE 125

    Found this article relevant with the reveal of the new iPhones. It talks about how ridiculous the price tag is for Apple phones that is comparable to Samsung phones that cost hundreds less, and yet people keep buying them.

    This article is the “eulogy” for the spacecraft that left earth in 1997, journeyed 2.2 Billion miles to reach Saturn, and has been circling and studying it ever since.

  2. http://www.freetech4teachers.com/2017/09/introducing-programming-to-elementary.html?m=1
    So many schools have iPads in classrooms now, Scratch Jr. would be a great way to introduce programming at a very young age.
    This just might be the coolest thing ever. Huge development. Classroom use? Maybe not. But in space, anything goes.

    Josh Warren

  3. https://www.wired.com/story/bill-joy-finds-the-jesus-battery/
    This new battery combines elements of alkaline and lithium batteries for a longer lasting, safe, rechargeable battery.
    These smart glasses are controlled by touching your nose. This enable the wearer to control what they are viewing without making it obvious that they are using smart technology.

    Eloise Christensen

  4. https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/13/this-battery-free-cellphone-runs-on-light-and-radio-waves/?ncid=rss
    This article is about a working (although still a prototype) cell phone that is battery free, it runs off of light and radio waves that it picks up around you.

    This article highlights a the creation of a joint AI lab between MIT and IBM to further the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence through the study of scientists, professors, and students.

    -Ryan Tirrell

  5. “How to Make a Mask that Expresses You” Just in case facial expressions are too mainstream for you, London’s Bartlett School of Architecture has designed a soft robotics 3D printed mask that enhances your facial expressions. I would personally be terrified trying to talk with someone who had this mask on but I think there is definite potential in the technology.
    -Francesca Williams

  6. In light of the recent natural disasters, this article outlined some of the reliances we’ve built up on modern technology.

    Apple just announced a new iPhone, the iPhone X, this phone brings along with it a plethora of new technologies, including FaceID, in otherwords using a scan of your face to unlock your phone.

  7. https://www.designnews.com/materials-assembly/3d-printed-smart-biomaterials-respond-stimuli-can-degrade-on-demand/118580117957509

    A new type of 3-d printed biomaterial respond to stimuli and degrade when triggered.


    A Supercontinuum laser was created to analyze grains to better sort their quality and provide more thorough information. This technology will be able to spread to other foods as well.

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