Church, Jobs, and Technology

Is it just me, or do you think it’s strange that it appears the church doesn’t want Mac users to get jobs via the LDS employment site (or perhaps, they believe that all Mac users are more savvy – being that they have Macs, and consequently aren’t in the position where they are looking for

21 Sep 2009

President Thomas S. Monson

Today BYU faculty, staff, and students had the wonderful opportunity to listen to the current prophet and president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Thomas S. Monson. President Monson was called and set apart as the 16th president of the Church Feb. 3, 2008. Each year we (the BYU faculty, staff, and

15 Sep 2009

Photography, Printing, and Pedagogy

Today in class we talked about Photography and Printing (I should probably mention that we introduce the topics in class by having the students present on the topic – I know, I know, many of you probably think this is a dangerous method of instruction, in that the students might not do the topic justice,

11 Sep 2009

I’m back – well, techintheclass is back!

I know you are all excited that I have resurrected my blog/website (it was hosted at blogger here, but alas I thought I better go back to my original plan (circ. 2004) in using WordPress, hence the new url). My thought of the day (for this blog) centers on the following idea: full conversation search.

09 Sep 2009
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