Road Sign Work

Here’s some new student work we want to highlight from the TES 125 class.

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    New Amazon Echo spot is super cool, basically just a fancy alarm clock with a screen. It can make video calls, play music, and be used as a baby monitor

    Russia and the US will work on a lunar base together. I thought it was cool when it talked about needing adapters for docking ports.

    Megan Warren

    This article talks about a way they discovered they can use the wii system to help those with Parkinson’s. A new program has them focusing on a few tasks at the same time to simulate normal life. Hopefully this type of rehab will be successful as treatment.
    This article talks about how BYU is developing football helmets with ‘smart foam’ that can measure how hard impacts to the head are. This can help determine the severity of a hit and if the player should sit out for a bit.

    Cassandra Clift

  3. Forget the smart watch, meet the smart jacket! You can answer calls, send texts, and get directions by fidgeting with your clothes. I can totally see people getting a weird habit of tapping their arm if this becomes mainstream.

    Also, an interesting idea of incorporating the internet of things and artificial intelligence to help senior citizens maintain independence for longer.

    -Francesca Williams

    Alexa’s voice will be put into the singing bass fish that hangs on the wall.
    These cars help people park better with cameras, sensors and even different modes depending on if you are parallel parking or just parking normally.
    -Eloise Christensen

    – Credit card skimmers are now becoming more virtual and more difficult to detect. You can use an app that uses bluetooth to discover these skimmers that are more often being found at gas station pumps.
    – New apps to make you better in school. My favorite is the app that allows you to point your phone’s camera at a math problem and have it solved for you in moments!
    – Connor Reynolds –


    It’s interesting that a corporation is taking a diversified stance, going to far as to include it with their marketing.
    Intersting to read about companies design policy, and how they put it into effect.

    –Jose Hernandez, also I posted this comment last week

    Here’s a cool link about the iPhone X that was just announced.
    This article is about the new business opportunity for automated taxi services.

    but forgot to put my name

    This article is about glasses that can help colorblind people see color.
    People are making tatoos that are supposed to change color if they can detect a disease. I’ve never heard of a useful tatoo before but if this turns out successful, it might come in handy.
    Cassandra Clift


    A new kind of fabric makes can electronically heat up clothing to keep people warm. A test product of gloves was able to stay warm for 8 hours. Sweat does not interfere with the conductivity of the fabric.

    A new type of “band-aid” has a micro-controller in it that releases medicine on a specific schedule. This can further protect an injury because it does not have to be constantly wrap and unwrapped to apply more medicine or other type of healing ointment.

    Amy Bennett


    Elon Musk has been talking with the government of Puerto Rico about re-building the electrical systems for all of Puerto Rico.

    They’re using 360 degree camera technology to help others have the opportunity to experience space without the need or the expense to try and get there. An incredible use of technology for the experience of others.

    – Google is sending aerial cell towers to give cell service to millions in hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico. They’re even solar powered.
    – A web app is available as an approach to curing chronic pain through cognitive means. Cheaper than many programs and involves no drugs/surgeries.
    – Connor Reynolds –


    Interesting to see how social media is now becoming an apparently respected source to run the country, or at least, create rumors.
    Amazing to see new opportunities being created for others around the world! It’s also sobering to see how others are helping bring the global community to equal ground.
    –Jose Hernandez

  12. An interesting article on Cadillac’s new autonomous driving system “super cruise.” The feature that struck me the most was the IR camera in the dashboard pointed at the driver which tracks eyes and facial features to determine where the driver is looking. If the driver is looking away from the windshield (perhaps looking outside the side windows, turned to the passengers, or looking down at their phone) the system first alerts the driver to pay a little more attention to the road, and if the driver ignores the first warnings, the car slows down and pulls over to call for help.

    This article talks about Facebook’s new plans to create VR hangouts, such as concerts or movies where you can be connected through virtual reality headsets to your friends watching a concert or other event. It’s a continuation of Facebook’s current live video streaming and 360-photos.

    Hunter Christensen


    Facebook, Microsoft and Telxius finished building a 160-terabits-per-second date cable to go from Virginia to Spain. This subatlantic cable is schedule to be up and running in 2018 and will enable better connectivity with europe as well as the Middle East and Africa.

    Toyota has launch a pilot for a transportation truck that is powered by hydrogen. This truck generates no local emissions and is able to carry 80,000 lbs. This truck is running a route between Port of LA and Long Beach.

    Amy Bennett

    The US and Japan are having a giant robot duel. I think it’s pretty funny and crazy that they just decided that this would be fun. It’ll be cool to see what happens.
    This is some pretty cool graphic design. The texture looks awesome and very complicated. I can’t even imagine making this!

    Megan Warren

    People are creating a small sensor that can detect stomach movements. It’s flexible enough that it can fit into a pill and once it dissolves in the stomach it sticks to the side and starts tracking movements. This is a lot less invasive of the other ways they’ve had to use to detect movement.
    This article is about a type of bandage that can detect what the wearer needs and administer the medicine without having to remove the bandage.
    Cassandra Clift

    – Researchers are looking at using VR to promote neural pathway connections with limbs that once moved like normal. VR can trick the brain into moving real life body parts.
    – Running shoe company, Asics, is looking to use microwaves to make custom soles for your next pair of shoes in a very short time and with little energy compared to 3D printing.
    – Connor Reynolds –

    Interesting article as to why stop signs are red, think design.
    Students apparently learn better from print than screen, which is not very surprising, since everyone seems to prefer print.


  18. Alexander Salinas

    A redesigned, labor-efficient garbage truck. Garbage collecting seems to me an area with a lot of room for improvement in its method. This is a step in the right direction.

    Rearranging atoms in atom-thick layers of alloy allows for the creation of two-dimensional magnets, even without using magnetic material.


    using asphalt in the production of lithium batteries makes it possible for batteries to take 5 minutes to recharge instead of 2 or more hours. Researchers are currently looking into how to mass produce this type of battery and their use in phones, cars, and other electronics.

    Amazon now has a patent for a drone that carries with it a rechargeable battery that can be used to recharge electric cars. There are some problems with this idea, such as drones have limited flight ability especially when carrying a load. But it shows that people are trying to develop ideas to make electric cars able to be widely used.

    Amy Bennett

    This facial recognition software uses techniques used to analyze DNA to analyze the videos.
    Twitter has set a calendar that explains their tightening security of hateful comments, harassment, and racist profiles.
    Eloise Christensen

    – Big companies like Netflix, Google, Twitter, and the BBC have teamed up to bring the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef to the world. This includes video and VR. By bringing the Reef to everyone’s attention they hope to raise awareness of the decay of the reef due to global warming.
    – Bitcoin is at an all time high! It’s prone to crashes but as of this moment is worth over $6,000.
    – Connor Reynolds –


    In this article, it’s interesting to see how big business is using any means necessary to protect their assets, or block innovation, perhaps.

    This article was interesting because of how it helps one step back and think, hmmm, what was the original purpose for what I’m using, or how else can I use this.


  23. Alexander Salinas

    The Dutch have made a 3D printed bridge, It’s for cyclists. And it’s awesome. Here’s a technological advancement I feel good about. That sounded sarcastic. It’s not.

    Invision is looking to take over the digital sketching world with their software. Or something like that. Maybe it’ll happen.

    This amazon device will unlock the door for the people that are delivering packages. That way the package won’t be stolen from the front porch. Still, strangers having the ability to come in the house?
    This is a waterproof cast that is light and still allows your arm to breathe as it heals.
    Cassandra Clift


    A new type of sunglasses have specially lenses that can be used to harvest solar energy. They look and feel similar to normal sunglasses. They can even be used indoor in certain circumstances. One application of these sunglasses would be to power hearing aids. They are working on applying this same technology to windows.

    Solar energy can now be used to extract and generate gas from seawater. This idea has been attempted before, but by using solar energy and molybdenum disulfide has significantly decreased the cost of using seawater as an energy source.

    Amy Bennett

  26. More controversy over releasing JFK files. I recently watched a very interesting documentary detailing the JFK assassination, and so this article was particularly relevant to me.

    I found it interesting that a security system would allow anyone to check its source code in the beginning.

    Hunter Christensen

    The car-maker Apollo is developing a super-car that has elements of old fashioned hyper-cars and new cars.
    Scientists are developing artificial intelligence that will be able to understand quantum codes.
    -Eloise Christensen

    – Located at the New York Museum of Art and Design is the “Sonic Arcade”, an exhibit filled with interactive displays that challenge the shape of sound itself. Artist installations allow museum attendees to play with electronics and acoustics.
    – Concrn is a new app created to help address mental problems within the community that otherwise may be difficult to address by police. The responders have training to help deescalate situations and provide attention to individuals who may risk their own life or the lives of others.
    – Connor Reynolds –

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