Gas Turbine Research at BYU

Reduced Mechanisms for Lean Premixed CH4-Air Combustion

Paper at May 2001 US/Ukraine Gas Turbine Workshop (1.96 Mb PDF file)

Paper at Fall 1996 WSS/CI on Reduced Mechanisms
Mallampalli 5-step model
Updated 5-step model, Explanation of updated 5-step model

Comprehensive Gas Turbine Combustor Model

General Description of Lean Premixed Gas Turbine Combustion Submodel (LEPRECON)
General Description of 3-D Comprehensive Gas Turbine Combustion Model (97-COSMO-GT)

Combustion Experiments Related to Gas Turbines

Laboratory-Scale Gas Turbine Combustor Facility

bullett Laboratory-Scale Gas Turbine Combustor Facility DataNew symbol


Gas Turbine Combustion Publications at BYU

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